No Bank Account? No Problem.

All of my employees have direct deposit!  How great would that be if it that statement were true for your company? No more wasting time and gas picking up checks for those few employees who are still receiving live checks. What a hassle! We completely understand how impossible it is to “make” your employees get a bank account. Come on, not everything is going to work out exactly how you want things to happen, except when it comes to having all of your employees on direct deposit. AccuChex Payroll Services has linked up with BrightWell Payments, which is a pay card company based out of Atlanta, Georgia.


So if you’re ready to change that, AccuChex Payroll Services can make it happen! We offer pay cards to anyone who is at least 18 years of age. We can even use the I-94 numbers for Visa workers who may not have received their Social Security Numbers yet. The pay card is registered to the individual and the routing and account number will be entered into their direct deposit tab. If the card is requested before payroll is processed, the employee will receive their hard earned money on their new pay card that same week! The card is used just like a bank account card. The employee is able to make purchases in store using their PIN, pay bills online and even withdraw funds from an Allpoint ATM with no additional fees. The employee will receive their card along with instructions and details about their new pay card. 24-hour customer service will be provided to the cardholder through BrightWell Payments. If the pay card is lost or stolen, we are able to issue replacement cards for the employee that day. By issuing a replacement card, the original card’s balance will be linked with the new card, and all the funds will be transferred to the new card!


What are you waiting for? Get your employees a pay card!


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